January 21, 2020 Agendas

January 17, 2020

Here are the agendas for the meetings this coming Tuesday.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

1. Mayor and Council Informal Meeting
3. Presentations
4. Strategic Planning
5. Discussion Items
5.a RCC 8.40.040 Substantive provisions. (2) Specific Noise Restrictions (h) Motor Vehicles
5.b City Trash and Recycling Services
6. Mayor/Council/Manager Reports
7. Adjournment
9. Call to Order
10. Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance
11. Public Comment
The public may comment on any topic not listed on the agenda. All comments shall be directed to the Mayor and City Council and limited to three (3) minutes per person, unless additional time is authorized by the Mayor. No person shall be allowed to comment more than once during the comment period and shall not debate or expect dialogue with the Governing Body or City Staff.
12. Election of 2020 Mayor Pro Tempore
13. Mayor/Council Reports
14. Recognitions/Proclamations/Presentations
14.a Riverton School Choice Week
14.b Jordan School District Future Building Plan
15. Consent Items
These items are considered to be routine or have been previously discussed, and can be approved in one motion, unless a Council Member asks for separate consideration of an item.
15.a Resolution No. 20-06 - Authorizing the City to enter into an Interlocal Cooperation
Agreement with Salt Lake County for the Installation of a Traffic Signal to be Located at the
Intersection of 13200 South (Majestic Rise Parkway) and 4210 West (Old Liberty Way).
15.b Resolution No. 20-09 - Approving the Sale of Two Parcels of Real Property, Identified as
Parcel. Nos 27- 32-400-053 and 27-32-400-058, to Wasatch Land and Improvement
15.c Resolution No. 20-10 - Appointing Volunteer Members to the Riverton
Emergency Preparedness Committee
15.d Resolution No. 20-08 - Supporting Governor Herbert's response to Executive Order No.
13888, issued by the President of the United States.
16. Public Hearings
16.a Ordinance No. 20-01 - Amending Section 18.150.110(1), Allowed Sign Types for
Nonresidential Signs in Residential Zones, and 18.150.110(2) Sign Standards,
Amendment Proposed by Riverton City
16.b Ordinance No. 20-02 - Amending the Land Use Code Sections 18.190 and
18.135, addressing Seasonal and Temporary Commercial Uses
16.c Ordinance 20-03 - Rezoning Property Located at 2435 West 12600 South from RR-22
(Residential Half Acre Lots) to C-PO (Commercial Professional Office). Alicia Davis,
Brandon Johnson and Ryan Brinton Representing Apex Insurance
16.d Ordinance No. 20-05 - Amending Title 18, Chapter 190 of Riverton City Code to allow
for short term rental use in residential zones, with regulations
17. Discussion/Action Items
17.a Resolution No. 20-07 - Authorizing a Quit Claim Deed to be conveyed to UDOT for a
portion of 3900 West, between approximately 12385 South and 11280 South, Riverton,
17.b Ordinance No. 20-04- Amending Title 13 of the Riverton City Code Prohibiting Hours
of Operating Secondary Water Irrigation Systems
18. Upcoming Meetings
January 25, 2020-8:00 AM-Strategic Planning Meeting-City Hall
February 04, 2020-5:00 PM-Work Session & City Council Meeting
February 18, 2020-5:00 PM-Work Session & City Council Meeting
19. Adjournment

January 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM
City Hall located at 12830 S Redwood Road
1. Call to Order
2. Discussion / Action Items
2.a Riverton Police Department (RPD) Presentation
2.b RLESA 2019 Financials Update
3. Approval of Minutes
3.a Approval of Minutes: RLESA 12-03-19
4. Adjournment
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