May 10 Budget Meeting Update

May 11, 2016

Last night we had the first budget meeting and discussion although these items are guidance from the council the final approval will occur in the June 14th meeting.  These are actions that were taken based on the budget presented by the mayor:

  1. Newsletters - The city council cut the budget for printed news letters down to $5k from $30k approx. which will allow for notices and contract run out to inform residents that we will no longer be sending printed new-letters and instructs people how to access the electronic news letter or have it delivered via email where they can read it or print it.  The city will still continue to send the printed calendars each year as well as the Riverton Town Days notice.
  2. Reduced line item for a pull box which is used for street repair.  This was actually built by city employees this year and the item was not needed.
  3. Reviewed positions within the city where there have been movements from areas that no longer need the position to areas that have a higher need.  Primarily there was a need for more support in Utility Billing and Planning and we shifted positions that were not needed from Court Clerk and Recreation Reception.
  4. Preserved funding for Peggy Green Park tennis court demo and rejuvenation in the area where the demo occurred.
  5. Council recommend an adjustment to council pay at approx $2500 annually to correct the gap between surrounding cities and council.  I want to note that this is a difficult request because the council make-up changes constant and the historic take has been to just maintain the required level for URS.  This practice has enlarged the gap of comparable council as the demand on the council time has increased with significant projects.


Next week we will continue our review of the Water and Secondary Water funds.  All items related to the remaining funds have been reviewed by the council and discussed.  For more detail you can access the recording and listen to our dialogue by going to the following link:  


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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