October 15th, 2019 Agendas

October 12, 2019

Here are the agendas for the meetings this Tuesday. As always please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


October 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM
12830 South Redwood Road, Riverton, UT
1. Mayor and Council Informal Meeting – No action on any items
3. Presentations
a. Events and Inclusion Committee Report – Scott Reid
b. Town Days Event Report – Sheril Garn, Parks & Public Services Director
c. Parks, Recreation & Trails Committee Report – Jason Judd
4. Discussion Items
a. Emergency Preparation Update – Scott Chatwin, Emergency Management Coordinator
b. Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Update – Ryan Carter, City Attorney
5. Mayor / Council / Manager Reports
6. Adjournment
8. Call to Order
9. Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance
10. Public Comment
The public may comment on any topic not listed on the agenda. All comments shall be directed to the
Mayor and City Council and limited to three (3) minutes per person, unless additional time is authorized
by the Mayor. No person shall be allowed to comment more than once during the comment period and
shall not debate or expect dialogue with the Governing Body or City Staff.
11. Mayor/Council Reports
12. Recognitions / Proclamations
a. N/A
13. Consent Items
a. Minutes: N/A
b. Bond Release(s):
i. Three Trees Estates (3395) Performance Release

c. Resolution No. 19-72 – Appointing Volunteer Members to the Riverton City Events and
Inclusion Committee – Mayor Staggs
d. Resolution No. 19-73 – Appointing Volunteer Members to the Riverton City Economic
Development Committee – Mayor Staggs
e. Resolution No. 19-74 – Appointing Volunteer Members to the Riverton City Parks,
Recreation and Trails Committee – Mayor Staggs
f. Resolution No. 19-75 – Approving Council Member Tawnee McCay as Riverton City’s
Nominee to Governor Herbert to Serve as the City’s Representative on the board of
Trustees for the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District – Mayor Staggs
g. Resolution No. 19-76 – Requesting the Re-Certification of the Riverton Municipal Justice
Court – Ryan Carter, City Attorney
h. Resolution No. 19-77 – Declaring the 2016 Asphalt Zipper and the Big Bubba Batting
Cage be Declared as Surplus, Granting Permission to the City Manager to Dispose of
As He Deems Appropriate.
14. Public Hearing(s) / Action Items
a. Proposed Ordinance No. 19-24 – Rezoning Approximately 9.84 Acres Located at 4091
West 12600 South from PCC (Planned Commercial Center) to RM-14-SD (Residential
Multi-Family 14 Units per Acre, with Specific Development Designations), Jim Giles and
Nate Shipp Representing DAI Partners, Applicants – Jason Lethbridge, Development
Services Director – Continued from October 1, 2019. This item was withdrawn by the applicant
b. Proposed Resolution No. 19-70 – Approving Amendments to the 2019-2020 Fiscal
Year Budget – Kevin Hicks, Administrative Services Director
15. Discussion / Action Items
a. Proposed Resolution No. 19-71 – A Resolution Of The City Council Of Riverton City,
Utah (The “Issuer”), Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Not More Than $18,700,000
Aggregate Principal Amount Of Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2019; Fixing The
Maximum Aggregate Principal Amount Of The Bonds, The Maximum Number Of Years
Over Which The Bonds May Mature, The Maximum Interest Rate Which The Bonds May
Bear, And The Maximum Discount From Par At Which The Bonds May Be Sold;
Delegating To Certain Officers Of The Issuer The Authority To Approve The Final
Terms And Provisions Of The Bonds Within The Parameters Set Forth Herein; Providing
For The Publication Of A Notice Of Public Hearing And Bonds To Be Issued; Providing
For The Running Of A Contest Period And Setting Of A Public Hearing Date; Authorizing
And Approving The Execution Of An Indenture, A Preliminary Official Statement, An
Official Statement, A Bond Purchase Agreement, And Other Documents Required In
Connection Therewith; Authorizing The Taking Of All Other Actions Necessary To The
Consummation Of The Transactions Contemplated By This Resolution; And Related
Matters – Kevin Hicks, Administrative Services Director
b. Proposed Ordinance No. 19-29 – Amending Title 3 Chapter 05 of Riverton City Code,
Procurement Ordinance – Craig Calvert, Operational Services Director
c. Discussion Regarding Compensation for City Council Members Who Serve on
Governmental Boards, Committees, Districts, or Interlocal Entities – Ryan Carter, City Attorney

16. Upcoming Meetings
a. November 12, 2019 – 5:00 p.m. – Work Session & City Council Meeting
b. November 19, 2019 – 5:30 p.m. – Board of Canvassers Meeting
c. December 03, 2019 – 5:00 p.m. – Work Session & City Council Meeting
17. Closed Session –
a. Strategy session to discuss the purchase, exchange, sale or lease of real property
b. Strategy session to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation
18. Adjournment

October 15, 2019 at 7:30 PM, or as soon after as practicable
18230 South Redwood Road, Riverton, UT
1. Call to Order
2. Public Hearing(s) - N/A
3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Riverton Police Department (RPD) Report – Chief Hutson
b. RLESA Financial Update – Kevin Hicks, Finance Director
c. RLESA Calendar Year 2020 Budget – Kevin Hicks, Finance Director
4. Approval of Minutes: RLESA 09-17-2019
5. Adjournment

October 15, 2019 at 7:45 PM, or as soon after as practicable
12830 South Redwood Road, Riverton, UT
1. Call to Order
2. Discussion / Action Items
a. RDA Resolution No. 19-09 – Designating the Riverton Downtown East Community
Reinvestment Project Area Be Created and Authorizing and Directing all Necessary
Action by the Agency, Staff and Consultants.
3. Approval of Minutes: RDA 06-18-19
4. Closed Session
a. Strategy session to discuss the purchase, exchange, sale or lease of real property
5. Adjournment

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