October 6th Council Meeting

October 2, 2015

This week’s council meeting will be on October 6th at 6:30pm at City Hall. Once item to note is the bond issuance is actually a refinance of old bonds at a lower rate to save money. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Presentations/Reports
1. Recognition of Boy Scouts
2. Riverton Choice Awards for Excellence in Education - Southland Elementary School
- Council Member Paul Wayman
3. River Friendly Programs - Laura Hanson
4. Public Comments

PUBLIC HEARINGS - There are no Public Hearings scheduled

1. Resolution No. 15-70 - Consideration and adoption of a resolution of the City Council of the City of Riverton, Utah, authorizing the Issuance and Sale of not more than $11,700,000 aggregate        principal amount of Franchise and Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2015; and related matters - Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc.
2. Report on Town Days 2015-2016 - Sheril Garn, Parks and Public Services Director
3. Zoning Issues on 12600 South Corridor and Downtown Area - Council Member Trent Staggs
4. Multi-Family Site Plan, Residence at Park Avenue Phase 4, 2000 West Park Avenue, RM-8-D Zone, 24 Units, 3.0 Acres, Brad Reynolds Construction, Applicant - Jason Lethbridge, Planning        Manager
5. Final Plat Subdivision, The Cottages at Western Springs Phase 2, 4358 West 12900 South, 35 Single-Family Lots, R4-SD Zone, Brighton Homes Utah LLC, Applicant - Jason Lethbridge,                Planning Manager

1. Minutes: RCCM 09-22-2015
2. Bond Releases: N/A
3. Resolution No. 15-66 - Appointing Tish Buroker as Riverton City's Alternate Representative to the Jordan River Commission - Council Member Trent Staggs
4. Resolution No. 15-67 - Authorizing the City to enter into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Salt Lake County for the construction of Bike Lanes on 2700 West from 11800 South to            Bangerter Highway - Trace Robinson, Public Works Director
5. Resolution No. 15-68 - Approving the issue of a P.O. Contract to A-Shed USA for the construction of a garage for the Riverton Unified Police Precinct - Craig Calvert, Purchasing Manager
6. Resolution No. 15-69 - Authorizing the City to enter into a contract with Data Marketing to provide Mailing Services - Craig Calvert, Purchasing Manager

5. STAFF REPORTS - Lance Blackwood, City Manager
1. Angie Trammel, Communications Manager - Redesign of City's Website
2. Ryan Carter/Jason Lethbridge - Development Ordinance Changes

1. Mayor Bill Applegarth
2. Council Member Brent Johnson
3. Council Member Trent Staggs
4. Council Member Sheldon Stewart
5. Council Member Tricia Tingey
6. Council Member Paul Wayman

1. October 20, 2015 - Regular City Council Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
2. November 3, 2015 - Regular City Council Meeting - 6:30 p.m.


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