Riverton, UT #6 With Best Income Equality and #1 by Utah Tax Payers Association as Cheapest Place to Live

October 6, 2015

As I have been reflecting on the great city that Riverton is to live in remember reading this article in the Deseret News listing the Top 25 Cities in America with Best Income Equality and how Riverton was is the highest ranked in Utah.  Also a KSL News Story about the Utah's Taxpayer Association ranked us as #1 at only collecting $9.71 per $1000 earned.  Personally I believe that the reason for this because of our cities ability to provide a variety of options for housing that attract all different people and our focus on being fiscally conservative.  In the time that I have been on the council we have seen:

  1. An increase in housing options for all stages of life.
  2. More areas to recreate as well as an increase variety of options.
  3. Increased economic development.
  4. Reduction in tax rates due to economic activities and prudent spending choices.

I am proud to say that I am from Riverton and as a city we are being noticed more often.  These are just two of the recent rankings from national and local sources just in 2015 alone Riverton has also been ranked highly by other sources.

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