Updated from Council Meeting on November 17th

November 19, 2015
Here are the results from Tuesday nights meeting:
1. Canvass of the Official Election Results for the 2015 Municipal General Election conducted by Salt Lake County Clerk's Office, Elections Division - Virginia Loader, Recorder
2. Resolution No. BOC 15-01 - Certifying the 2015 Official Municipal General Election Results - Virginia Loader, Recorder
APPROVED - Sheldon Stewart - 100%, Tricia Tingey 53.28%, Brent Johnson 63.06%
APPROVED 1. Resolution No. 15-80 - Acknowledging receipt and expressing support of the 2016 Tentative Budget of the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area and the Law Enforcement Service Plan for the areas within the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area - Kerri Nakamura, Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area
1. Public Hearing - Consideration of a five year Lease Agreement with the South Valley Sanctuary, a Utah Nonprofit Organization dedicated to the purpose of providing support to victims of domestic violence - Ryan Carter, City Attorney
APPROVED - 1. Resolution No. 15-76 - Approving a Lease Agreement with the South Valley
2. Public Hearing - Proposed amendments to Title 17, Subdivisions, and 18.15, Site Plans, including the review, approval and appeals process of division and development of ground in the City, and Chapter 2.80, Board of Adjustment, amending the organization and process for that Board - Jason Lethbridge, Planning Manager
APPROVED 1. Ordinance No. 15-23 - Amending Title 17, Subdivisions, Title 18.215, Site Plan Review and Standards addressing approval processes and miscellaneous amendments, Section 2.80 Board of Adjustment, Amendments proposed by Riverton City
3. Public Hearing - Proposed rezone of approximately 12.2 acres located at 11800 South 4000 West from R-3 (Residential 14,000 square foot lots) to R-4 (Residential 10,000 square foot lots), Lee Conant, Applicant - Jason Lethbridge, Planning Manager
DENIED 1. Ordinance No. 15-24 - Rezoning 12.2 acres located at the south west corner of the intersection of 11800 South 4000 West from R-3 (Residential 14,000 Square Foot Lots) to R-4 (Residential 10,000 Square Foot Lots), Lee Conant, Applicant
4. Public Hearing - Proposed Fee Schedule amendments for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year -
Lisa Dudley, Finance Director
APPROVED 1. Resolution No. 15-77 - Approving amendments to the Municipal Fee Schedule for
the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year
5. Public Hearing - Proposed Budget amendments for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year - Lisa Dudley, Finance Director
APPROVED - Adding $30K being taken from park impact to cover the overage on the "Spirit Corner" 1. Resolution No. 15-78 - Approving amendments to the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year
APPROVED with item 8 being pulled and discussed and then approved 4. CONSENT AGENDA
1. Minutes: RCCM 10-06-2015, RCCM 10-20-2015
2. Bond Releases: N/A
3. Resolution No. 15-75 - Approving an update to the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual - Ryan Carter, City Attorney
4. Resolution No. 15-79 - Accepting the Fiscal Year 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Riverton City
5. Resolution No. 15-81 - Approving Riverton City's nominee to Governor Herbert to serve as the City's Representative on the Board of Trustees for the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District - Mayor Applegarth
6. Resolution No. 15-82 - Approving the issuance of a contract to Utah Tile and Roofing Inc. to re-roof City Hall and the Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center - Craig Calvert, Purchasing Manager
7. Resolution No. 15-83 - Approving the issuance of a PO Contract to Brownies Lock to furnish and install automatic locking systems on park restrooms - Craig Calvert, Purchasing Manager
8. Resolution No. 15-84 - To approve to proceed with the sale and purchase of this year's remaining two year rotation vehicles - Craig Calvert, Purchasing Manager
5. STAFF REPORTS - Lance Blackwood, City Manager
1. Mayor Bill Applegarth
2. Council Member Brent Johnson
3. Council Member Trent Staggs
4. Council Member Sheldon Stewart
5. Council Member Tricia Tingey
6. Council Member Paul Wayman
1. December 01, 2015 - Regular City Council Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
2. December 08, 2015 - Regular City Council Meeting - 6:30 p.m. - If Necessary
3. December 15, 2015 - Regular City Council Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
As always if you have any questions or comments please let me know.
In my report I covered the following:
-Letter from a 13 year old resident in my area related to finding areas approved for airsoft use. Lance Blackwood will be getting with the police Chief and Parks and Rec. and will provide a report later on any concerns or opportunities.
- Banner Arms in District 1 - Presently all districts have banner arms for holidays and events. District 1 is the only area not represented. These have been ordered and will be installed along 13400.
- Overhead lights on 13400 South are out - Mechanisms in the lights have failed and new ones were ordered. Due to the height they will need to rent a lift and will install as soon as the parts are in.
- Crash on 13400 where brick wall was damaged. Lance Blackwood and Trace Robinson are looking into this.
- Signal on 13400 S and Morning Cloak this is scheduled for the spring for install.
- Redraw of boundary for Herriman and Riverton down center of 13400 S. vs. North end. Riverton and Herriman are working together to provide additional information needed to submit to the state.
- A question was posed in an earlier portion of the meeting as to why a person has to be elected to serve on various municipal boards. I provide an update that it was HB 415 Line 168 that clarified this.
- I also asked for an update on district funds remaining for each area of the city for special projects.
- Provided an update on the open house I attended for Bio-Life and the life saving measures this company helps to facilitate.
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