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Sheldon has always delivered on his committments he doesn't just say he is going to do something but actually does what he says he will do.

Reins in taxes and spending

  • Over the past 12 years the county budget has grown from $663 MILLION in 2010 to $1.4 BILLION in 2022, that is more than DOUBLE while the services they oversee have reduced by more than 50% We need someone who doesn't believe in subsidies and is accountable to the southwest and not another community.1

Delivers on commitments

  • Too many promises have been made to the southwest portion of the county and we have been waiting for over 12 years to see those commitments fulfilled.  As residents of the southwest we make up 1/3 of the county's tax base and see less than 5% of the projects and funds come into our region. It's time that we have someone who will fight for our equal share of the taxes and services we pay for. Keeping the commitments made with our transportation and recreation facilities and services.2

Increases Communication

  • During the past 12 years the county made decisions without proper communication and engagement with the residents of the southwest. It's time that your voice be heard and have a leader that will listen and respond to your concerns.


Sheldon Stewart is the Republican Salt Lake County Council nominee for District 5.

The Salt Lake County Council provides a voice for county residents, allowing them to choose the council members who most closely represent their interests, concerns, and beliefs.

Salt Lake County Council District 5 is composed Bluffdale and portions of West Jordan, Herriman, Riverton, Midvale, Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, and West Valley City. Residents of District 5 deserve a committed representative who puts his constituents first – above special interests, subsidies, and big corporations.

Sheldon Stewart has laid out a clear plan to accomplish these and other goals – including getting out-of-control spending in hand and bringing transparency to the budgeting process. He will work closely with other Council members to develop and implement a series of strategic initiatives, policies and legislative efforts that make good fiscal sense.

If you are passionate about election integrity, improved communications, property rights, and freedom of speech and religion, Sheldon Stewart will represent your interests on the Council. He won’t shy away from making – and keeping – commitments to voters and to resolving those issues that are of greatest concern to the residents of District 5.

The Salt Lake County primary elections are quickly approaching. Learn more about the council – and find links to Salt Lake County voter registration options – here.

Remember, on June 28, vote Sheldon Stewart for Republican Salt Lake County Council District 5.



Sheldon dramatically increased communications and engagement with city residents. This effort included increased social media presence with two-way communication, website with self-service features, and establishing service level agreements. Sheldon is available and responsive with proactive outreach efforts. Sheldon is committed to increasing communication and efforts to support the communities he represents by ensuring that the community is heard and that residents concerns don’t go unanswered.


Sheldon is active in the efforts to promote the economic growth within our community. His innovative approach to this has resulted in zero tax and fee increases for 6 years straight in Riverton. Annual budgets are always balanced and have only seen a 7% increase in general fund expenditures over 5 years, compared to the county’s general fund spending which has increased by over 30% with reduced services and funding to the communities in the south west region of the county. Sheldon will ensure that efforts are taken to reduce spending in and address the subsidies that burden each of you and that our area receives its fair share.


Sheldon has helped to attract develop and grow business and business opportunities in Utah and Riverton. Sheldon has been active in building relationships with member of GOED (Governor’s Office of Economic Development) and helped to attract businesses to Riverton that create re-occurring revenue that provides an ongoing stream of income to residents vs. one time revenue that is only realized in a given year. Sheldon has been involved in responsible growth and development. Sheldon will ensure that the county gets out of the zoning and land use business and ensures that the communities are able to make those decisions instead of county members outside our area as was done with Olympia Hills. Sheldon will continue to fight for our community.


Sheldon was key in the formation of the Riverton Police Department and in the exit of the taxing districts for both police and fire. These actions saved residents money and increased public safety. As a member of the Unified Fire Authority Board Sheldon brought transparency and accountability to the organization. Sheldon is committed to addressing the county subsidies to Unified Police Department for Shared Services that the residents of District 5 don’t benefit from since they are not members of this organization.

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